Meet Rodney. As a musician, it is important to find inspirations from the legendary forefathers of the game like Jimi Hendrix or Johnny Cash, and his “Sophisticated Jimi” look is reminiscent of Woodstock and revolution. To get this, he used Clay Effect Style Sprayto build and shape. He takes from the past, but puts his own stamp on it. Then to keep his skin moisturized, the Hydro Salve Body Lotion is his solution for those long nights and early mornings.

Meet Rebecca. She’s an artist that goes for the carefree and accentuated, raw edge approach. Cut short and square with the purposeful texture and wispy outline all she needs is a light amount of Clay Pomade applied onto towel damp hair. Her style is low maintenance and easily manageable throughout the day. And for her daily facial cleanser, she swears by the Daily Face Wash .

Met Alex. He goes with the classic “Sunset Slick-Back” meant for those on the go but want to keep their look in place and looking fresh. Apply Clay Effect Spray liberally into towel damp hair, followed with Cream Pomade to finish it off. If he wants a sleeker look use a little Hard Water Pomade and he is on his way. To make things easy, in the shower he uses the Deep Cleansing Bar – Charcoal Clay. This black soap bar is 3-in-1 and detoxifies your beard, face, and body.

Meet Alex Pedro. His “Manchester Shag” immediately yells out leather jackets and indie shows. To achieve his classic rock star look, he uses Clay Effect Style Spraymixed with Grooming Cream to get layers that will stay. Just a few pumps is all it takes, and he’s looking like its 1977. And to minimize the scruff, he swears by the Shave Tonic to prep his skin and hair before and provide essential nutrients and vitamins after shaving.

Meet Henry. He lives in Korea Town and teaches skate school. His other various hobbies include painting and fishing. For his dread hairstyle called a Dreaded Pompadour, Henry uses his own dreads to tie up the top and smooths both the dreads and his hairline with Soft Water Pomade. This controls frizz and adds shine to his hairstyle.

Meet Todd. His day starts with a morning surf session & some beard-maintenance – combing his beard & applying beard oil. After his days in the salty ocean water, Todd uses Grooming Cream on his tapered undercut to add moisture back in and to keep his natural waves weightless. For his beard, he combs it every morning and adds Grooming Cream to keep it smooth and soft.

Meet Gil. His morning ritual starts with a shower and hot tea. When it comes to long hairstyles, the Viking hairstyle is for the guy who has long hair but isn’t into the man bun. Gil towel dries his hair then applies Hard Water Pomade . He finishes with Clay Effect Style Spray which seals in moisture and gives hold to his braids.

Meet Austin. He’s into extreme sports, like surfing, skating, and snowboarding. His hard part fade hairstyle is anything but boring. To style his haircut, Austin uses Hard Water Pomade on towel-dried hair and combs it into place.

Meet Chang. A barber herself, she likes to change her look to stay fresh: a fade, to an undercut, or buzz. To achieve these many hairstyles, the one constant is Cream Pomade. Then, little SPF 15 Oil Free Moisturizer , and she’s ready for her day at the beach.

Meet Kristopher. A Canadian motocross champion, he spends his days in the worlds of fashion, music, and travel. His active lifestyle makes Deodorant a necessity in his grooming routine. Then for his hair, a little Hard Cream Pomade to add a low shine that will hold all day, the perfect men’s hair product for long hair.

Meet Ryan. His daily mediation keeps him healthy and zen, but his messy exterior might make you think otherwise. For his fade haircut, he uses Clay Pomade on the top, and to combat those wrinkles and crow’s feet, Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream is his go to facial moisturizer.